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We are a results-driven, problem-solving oriented team, improving people's health through empathy, love, and technology. We aim to create awareness among the people that they are not alone, and they can get quality access to healthcare without emptying their pocket every time they talk to a doctor. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable and quality services provided by licensed and medical-board approved doctors. This makes our mission stronger than ever. In this regard, we have designed a one-time payment service offer that is feasible and easy to access. Our one-time payment of $75.00 in the first month of the test offers six months of free access to unique and professional medical assistance at any time of the day. Our medical assistance is not just limited to Covid, but we are more than the testing services. Consult to us for any disease or illness; we provide professional advice in every medical scenario. Apart from our online consultations, we offer VIP access to our Coral Springs location in Florida if you travel to Florida. We also have a medspa at discounted rates, and you get a private number to call day or night. Even if you plan to visit the clinic with last-minute notice any time of the day, you will be accommodated immediately without a wait.

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Why Do People Choose Us?

Our patients and clients alike will have the privilege of getting quality healthcare access within the budget, but that is not the only benefit you’ll have while you are connected with us.

You are liable to obtain the special treatment in case of the emergency such as getting the prescription of the doctor, diagnosis of any illness, or its treatment through insurance cards. We accept insurance cards.

We are utilizing Next Generation Sequencing NGS and the most advanced technology available in a state of the art laboratory facility within NJ, NYC, and FL.

To provide better healthcare facilities with timely testisting services we utilize advanced technology that has been proven to provide accurate reports with fast turnaround.