What if I Test Positive?

If you (or your applicant) test positive, we will have our “CONTACT TRACING GROUP” contact you and explain the steps to check for : False positives or Negative Results.We will also “TRACK TRACE” and work with you on a “step by step” basis on all procedures and isolation procedures necessary. We will direct you will all of the steps necessary to protect others that you live and or work with that may have been exposed to you. They must be tested and treated.

Yes, we offer vaccines. Recently, we were approved to carry the vaccines at our office In Coral Springs, Florida.  This will be available as long as supplies last, and once you are a client, you will get VIP treatment and be first available to receive the vaccine as the vaccine becomes available at our office.

You will be able to have access to our urgent care in Coal Springs, Florida, and access to a fully licensed physician 24/7.  If you travel to South Florida, you will get VIP treatment, and if you feel sick or have a common cold or ear infection, we will be a phone call away.  

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