With the global pandemic threat to the world, prompt medical assistance and timely testing procedures have become more significant than ever. Losing any minute may not only cause a toll on your health but also threatens the lives of others and all those lives associated with them. Therefore, timely medical intervention is necessary. Being in the Medical and Healthcare Industry for over a decade, we have accumulated notable testing and diagnosis services. As a team of accredited medical experts, we have understood all the industry’s nooks and cranny. Medicine assistance has become complex and expensive in the 21st century. We have realized the need to form a group of healthcare practitioners and professionals ready to serve for the people’s betterment. We strive to provide comprehensive medical care to patients and those in need. 1 Stop Test seeks to empower the people by making the impossible become possible through using technology and state-of-the-art-advance management systems that provide a full range of services related to Covid Testing. 

Our experience is broad and comprehensive when it comes to testing services. We have handled small groups to Large fortune 500 offices, Cruise Lines, Airports and Sports Teams & Golfing related patients. This has enabled us to provide quality services to all the people and increase our efficiency and productivity. We can also do rapid testing and deliver the report results within the day, depending on the urgency. If need be, we send out test kits to your home to test yourself within 15 minutes with our proper guidance and instructions.  

We also hold the experience of working with various industries such as Film and Production, NFL, NHL, multinational corporations, directors, well-known hotels and restaurants management to manage and follow the safety protocols. Our highly experienced team also hold the expertise of educating large groups of masses belonging to diverse cultures and social groups. 

What makes us unique is that we offer the Same day results once the sample gets to the laboratory. Most of our laboratories are 35 minutes from various locations. 1 Stop Test medical professionals will be available daily onsite/location to handle sample collection and logistics. We provide the test kits in case the patient is physically placed in a faraway place. Likewise, our medical and healthcare assistance can be reached for free at any time of the day for the next six months after the first payment is made. 

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Our patients and clients alike will have the privilege of getting quality healthcare access within the budget, but that is not the only benefit you’ll have while you are connected with us.

You are liable to obtain the special treatment in case of the emergency such as getting the prescription of the doctor, diagnosis of any illness, or its treatment through insurance cards. We accept insurance cards.

We are utilizing Next Generation Sequencing NGS and the most advanced technology available in a state of the art laboratory facility within NJ, NYC, and FL.

To provide better healthcare facilities with timely testisting services we utilize advanced technology that has been proven to provide accurate reports with fast turnaround.